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How to use our Mediawiki wiki

Creating Your Page

You can create a new wiki page in at least two ways:

Option 1: Search for the page, using the name you want to give the page, e.g., My Page When (if?) it is not found, you will be presented the option Create the page "My Page" on this wiki! My Page will be a red link; clicking on it will take you to an edit screen to create it.

Note: Mediawiki page naming is case sensitive; that is, My Page is a different page than My page.

Option 2: Edit an existing page which will contain a link to your new page and enter that link to the(non-existent) page, e.g., [['''My Page''']] or [['''My Page|This is my page''']] The existing page will now contain a red link to your new page, e.g., My Page

In either case you must enter some content in the page; a blank page is not created. Most of you will be pasting in the content from Wikipedia to start your page.

External Links

You can link to any arbitrary place on the web by using this format:

[ Lions] or [ Not Lions]

which appears as

Lions or Not Lions

Note that I must add a space and the desired text for the link or you will get:

[] or []

[1] or [2]

Wikipedia Links (are special)

To more easily link to a Wikipedia entry use this format:

[[wikipedia:Lion]] will appear as wikipedia:Lion

Change the link to your words:

[[wikipedia:Lion|your words]] will appear as your words

That is, follow your Wikipedia entry with "|" and your link words.

Copying from Wikipedia

Wiki logo Nupedia.jpg

When you copy the source from the Wikipedia editor and paste it in our wiki you will probably not have a page which looks exactly the Wikipedia version. One reason for this is that Wikipedia uses a variety of templates to simplify and standardize the look of various types of content (e.g., proteins). If you think you need a template from Wikipedia it may be possible for one of the wiki administrators (not you) to import the required template (or, more usually, templates). Contact us.

Also, most of the links in any extensive Wikipedia page will be links to other Wikipedia pages. These links are by name, and are what we computer geeks refer to as relative links; that is, they refer not to pages but to "local" wiki pages. On Wikipedia these are the same; for our wiki they are not. To change the many red links to pages which are missing locally but on Wikipedia, you can edit the links. For example, edit and modify:

[[Organ of Corti]] to [[wikipedia:Organ of Corti]]

to change

Organ of Corti to Organ of Corti

PMID Template

PMID 4957203

PMID 12122621

PMID Reference

<ref name="Example2006">{{Cite pmid|12122621}}</ref> [1]

This is a citation about Mauthner cells.[2]

Sample references

  1. {{#invoke:Citation/CS1|citation |CitationClass=journal }} edit
  2. {{#invoke:Citation/CS1|citation |CitationClass=journal }} edit