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Older Courses

Old Biol 327 Student Page edits

Old List of students topics and links to their pages

  • Anne A Student
    • Topic: SCN8A and the role in something or other
    • Pages I'm editing:
  • Doug Montesano
    • Topic: kiss and run
    • Pages I'm editing:
  • Monica Jensen
    • Topic:FMR1 and translation
    • Pages I'm editing:
  • Matt Iandoli
    • Topic: TRPM8 Channel (Cold and Menthol Receptor)
    • Pages I'm editing:
      • Will essentially be making a new page for TRPM8, little information on current page
  • Jillian Smith
    • Topic: KCNQ1 Channel (potassium channel, KvLQT1) in cardiac tissue
    • Pages I'm editing: