Research @ Colgate

Research@Colgate is an experimental space to provide in-house Linux-based services and web applications in a shared environment. This space is not appropriate nor intended for information, class schedules, bios, or other content that should be posted on Colgate's main website.

Student Projects

Home directories with limited FTP capabilities may be installed to host student projects and data. A local Word Press instance is installed which can be used instead of HTML authoring to post project summaries and data.

Research Data

Modest storage is available to host research data and images (this server is not an image repository however). MySQL, a robust, open-source database, is also installed. Home directories with FTP access can be set-up to transfer files easily for display on the web, collaboration and short-term archiving.

Web Applications

Installed technologies include:

  • MySQL
  • Ruby
  • PHP 5.4
  • Python